Category: confession

“I feel almost as bad for that really hype French section in the crowd as I do for Melanie herself I wanted her to get a bronze somewhere so bad. 🙁 I know her day is coming and it’ll be awesome when it happens”

“This worlds was going so well until Melanie got nothing and Flavia was robbed on floor”

“Brazil has been so unlucky this quad! Rebeca and Jade’s injuries, and Flavia coming so close to the podium. I just want it to all come together for them”

“Is Simone done after 2020?”

“Favorite country for style of WAG?”

“I wonder what the Chinese would do with kara. I wonder how they would fix her BB bc clearly she has BB potential like the Chinese but just needs someone to unleash that”

“MAG is the hardest sport in the world 6 events that are so different maybe with some similarities but damn no other sport requires this much body strength and flexibility at the same time.”

“Usually a WAG watcher, but starting to like MAG although I have no idea how it works 😅 I like pommel, HB and parallel bars (but so clueless about parallel bars though) With rings, they are always in the upright position and I am so scared they’re going to fall off and hurt themselves, too intense to watch And I think MAG is way harder than WAG not to diss WAG but you have PH, HB, rings, PB, VT and FX that’s crazy! MAG AA champions don’t get enough credit Uchimura, you are the true goat of AG”

“Seeing Simone jump up and so excited when the last beam score came out was actually kind of cool because she usually knows she’s going to win or like she’s won so many times it’s just kinda like okay here we go again, but beam has been her nemesis at olympics and last worlds so it was kind of nice that she actually reacted instead of just being chill if you get what I’m saying?”

“I like Grace McCallum but to me she doesn’t really stick out like if I were to choose one of the five worlds girls I’d pick Simone Suni Jade and Kara for Tokyo. Grace can be mostly reliable and can put up nice scores for the team but none of her events stick out in the thick of USAG like jade sticks out in vt and fx, Kara beam, Suni ub and fx, Simone everything, like she’s great she usually gets around top 10 but is always 2pc by the rest and just doesn’t outshine anyone”