Category: confessions


“He is trash so I feel bad saying this but I have a huge crush on the 2004 version of Dragulescu. Physical perfection”

“I cannot stand maloney + tkatchev, the tkatchev always look flat and super muscled to me :/“


“Since 2015 Ioana Crisan increases her SV on bars by 8 tenths, Denisa by over 2 points and Larisa by … 0.2. So tell again how the Moldovan should take over the national team and the best bars coaches eva.”

“Gymternet poll: Would Katy Perry have been a better USAG CEO than Kerry Perry? (Yes I know this lame joke is months late but what can I say brilliance hits you when it hits you)”

“In 7 years since 2010 Larisa increased her BB SV only by 4 tenths. After Forminte left, Belu and Bitang only taught her 2 skills, the layout and the layout full. Then the Moldovan came in 2015 and she leans no new skill, no new connection. So why is she not raining under Forminte and Cosma yet???”


“I’m wondering what Filiorianu could have achieved as a WAG gymnast. Being born in 99 she would have been coached by Forminte (not B&B who pretty much ruined the national team). Would she have been like Ioana & Stela(good on BB&UB) or like Denisa and Sandra(good on VT&FX)? How many medals could she have won? Would she have been a good AAer? Would she have just given up?”

“I know I’m laaaate to this, but I’ve just discovered that there’s apparently quite a lot of fanfiction shipping real life gymnasts (mostly Aly and Aliya). Am I the only one who finds that incredibly creepy? These are real people, who probably are aware of it (and we haven’t even gotten into how they were underage when the shipping started!)! Imagine how that would make you feel!”