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“Don’t want to jinx anything, but I want Russia in Tokyo to repeat, musty, spiri, masha and gelya”

“Would you guys rather spiri or Nina get better at the other events (VT, BB, FX)? I’d rather spiri, I would find her routines way easier and pleasant to watch imho”

“Since they already got the team silver and the AA bronze, I wish Russia would win UB gold and bronze through Gelya and Dasha, and FX silver and bronze through Gelya and Lilia.”

“Dasha is so beautiful!”

“Who honestly expected Dasha to be a world title contender at the beginning of this year. She’s my pick for silver!”

“I remember this confession being made about He Kexin a long time ago, but it still applies: if a gymnast from a country like China or Russia goes to Worlds just for their bars (He Kexin, Fan Yilin, Daria Spiridonova), you know they are a force to be reckoned with. Go my UB queens!”

“Spiridonova is the queen of floor”

“A team of Gelia, Lilia, Alexandra, Daria and Gelia Simakova, I sniff disaster on the TF unless they hit 12/12.”

“Daria Spiridonova seems to have the easiest comebacks.”

“Silviana Sfiringu has the most beautiful face in gymnastics! Simakova is 2nd and Munteanu and Spiridonova tie for 3rd”