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“Denisa is having some back pain… Probably from carrying the team”

“I want Denisa to train a dos Santos punch front just to show everyone how it should be done.”

“Denisa Golgota or Ioana Crisan for AA 2019 worlds & 2020 olympics champions.”

“Oh No Golgota :(”

“I thought judges are allowed to use slow motion to award scored. I was thinking about Denisa’s floor at Minsk EF, her 2nd and 3rd passes seem to have a slight hop, but in slow mo you can see that it is in fact the floor that bounces and she sticks them.”

“If Romania by miracle qualifies to Tokyo, I do not believe Larisa will be part of the team. While in Stuttgart she will be the team leader I do not see her in 1 year outscoring Denisa Olivia Sfiringu Stanciulescu and Crisan if they all stay healthy and get consistent.”

“Imagine if Romania had Iordache, Golgota, Crisan, Cimpian and Ivanus… But, of course, everything went wrong and they have only Denisa left”

“For all judges out there, Denisa’s bars routine is Maloney + Clear hip ½ – 0.2, Jaeger, Giant 1/1 + Tkachev + Pak – 0.1, van Lewen, Double front which has E D D D D D C C – 3.1, 0.3 in connections and 2.0 in requirements which is a total of 5.4. It’s basic 1st grade calculation why is it so hard to get it right???”

“Am I asking for too much if I want Denisa to trow her Amanar at Minsk, and along her 6.1 fx routine, and 13.5 scores on bars and beam to get that AA gold? Also for judges to corectly credit her bars D.”

“Denisas Silvias really impresses me. I think with cleaning up all her landings she can totally be in a world floor final and maybe a medal contender”