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Artur and Diego supporting Kenzo after Kenzos injury 😭❤️

“Diego Hypólito just came out and I am so proud to see this. We need more queer visibility in this community and I admire him so much for his strength, courage, and resilience.”


We love and support you Diego!!!


Diego Hypolito revela que sofria bullying pesado na infância e técnicos sabiam:

“Diego Hypólito in an interview with TV Globo reveals that he regularly endured hazing and bullying in his early years at Club Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro. He started gymnastics in 1993 and trained at Flamengo until 2009.

Incidents of hazing include trying to pick up batteries with his anus to put in a shoe (sometimes lubricated with toothpaste) when he was around 10-11 years old competing at his first Brazilian Championships. He had a seizure and couldn’t finish the ’test’.

He’s also become claustrophobic because when he was young, older coaches often put him and younger gymnasts between board covers if they made mistakes in training. Hypólito says it felt like being in a coffin. As a result, he’s paranoid of enclosed spaces.

He never told his parents about any of this until the news of Fernando Lopes’ abuse became known.” –papaliukin

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