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Simone Biles officially gets her vault named in the code of points

“the camera angles in doha were the worst ever”


Doha 2018 | Ana Padurariu (CAN) wins Silver on Balance Beam

“For some reason I feel like Ana Pardurariu is underrated. Did you know she got silver on beam this worlds?I feel like everyone forgot.”


@elliedownie: Together through thick and thin❤️ MY HERO AND INSPIRATION ALWAYS.

Kenzo Shirai + floor exercise final reactions 


Kenzo sitting on the parallel bars in the warm up area 

“If you compare the men’s vs the women’s worlds this year I’d say the men’s was more exciting considering mostly everyone was putting up great routines. Not that the women’s weren’t great, but the competition between the men this year was on fireeee.”

“Regardless of her other performances, Gelya’s routine in the floor finals in Doha was amazing, particularly her landings. I wanted her to medal so bad and I hope she knows how well she performed.”

“I‘m so happy Eli Seitz finally got her UB worlds medal she was hoping for so long.”

“USA also got the gold medal in the ‘awesome leo’ game.”