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“Dominique Moceanu’s Devil Went Down to George, Aly Raisman’s 2016 routine, and Oksana Omelianchik’s 1985 routine are my top 3 floor routines of all time.”

“Dominique Moceanu’s Devil Went Down to Georgia floor routine is one of the best routines of all time. I remember watching it during the 96 Olympics and just loving it so much.”

“I love that there were two Dominiques on the 1996 USA olympic team, and then we never heard the name again”


I remember listening to a gymcastic interview of Betty Okino where she was asked about Dominique Moceanu’s views of training with the Karolyis. Betty said that if Dominique didn’t like the training there, she was free to leave. I love Betty but I don’t agree with her on this. The Karolyi’s need to be held accountable. And leave for where? MLT where she later trained? It’s time that all coaches be held accountable for the disgusting behaviour of the past, admit to their faults and learn from the past. It’s the only way forward. 


Alyssa Beckerman and Dominique Moceanu’s facebook comments about their experiences with Mary Lee Tracy. Screenshots are from StarskyGym’s twitter thread on MLT:


According to Dominique Moceanu, Geddert shamed her for speaking about her experiences with the Karolyis, saying she was “stabbing the sport in the back”