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“It was a pretty hard time I can say,” Katsalapov said. “I remember that me and Lena could win that Worlds. We had this mistake on the twizzles in the short dance. After that we had a pretty strong skate in the free dance.”

For Katsalapov, it was a turning point. He made the decision to end his partnership with Ilinykh after Worlds concluded.

“After that I realised my life is going to change soon because I want to,” Katsalapov said. “I wasn’t afraid of anything. I just was open to everything new. I only was afraid to hurt my partner’s feelings. I wanted to move forward on my own path. I could speak a lot, but I just don’t want to do it now. If you ask me in five years, I will tell you everything.”

Nikita’s delusions: I had no choice except for breaking up with my partner after Worlds because there was no successful future for us after we made a mistake on our twizzles and lost not only a world title, but a world medal of any color

Reality: I/K won the Olympic bronze medal after finally doing 2 clean programs in the same competition and were projected to be the future of ice dance. Yet Nikita and Morozov went behind Elena’s back and had secret try outs with Vika BEFORE Worlds. Elena found out through the press and Nathalie Pechalat said everyone knew

except for Elena who only found out the morning of the Worlds short dance and burst into tears. Yet during the SD, when both got too close on the twizzles, Elena did her job and seamlessly saved the twizzles, while Nikita gave up after the 1st set, invalidating their twizzles and leading to them getting ZERO points on their twizzles. All he had to do for even level 1 on the twizzles was a 2nd set with just ONE (1) rotation, but he didn’t even attempt a 2nd or 3rd set. I/K won the FD, but the SD cost them not just the world title, but also a world medal of any color.

Nikita thinks the figure skating YouTube purge can erase the evidence and make us forget that it was HIM who messed up the twizzles and cost I/K the world title? WELL DESPITE THE YOUTUBE PURGE THE VIDEOS STILL EXIST!

Also you can really see the difference in effort Elena and Nikita put into saving these twizzles after they get too close at the end of the first set when changing from right back outside edge to right back inside edge. Usually they would do the 2nd set right out of the RBO to RBI change of edge. 

Elena saves this by pushing off her left foot and doing the 2nd set from a RFO edge. Elena’s twizzles are seamless and if each partner was given separate level, she would still get level 4 even without the “set of twizzles performed on one foot without steps between them” feature because she still only does the allowed one step between the 1st and 2nd set of twizzles in the SD (the push from the left foot) and has additional features that would be enough to get level 4 under the 2013-2014 rules: the dance jump into the first set of twizzles, arms clasped in front, and elbow(s) higher than shoulder level. She wouldn’t get the “third set of twizzles from different entry edge with at least 3 rotations” feature because she only completes 2 rotations instead of her usual 3 rotations on the 3rd set of twizzles, but if graded separately she would still get level 4 under the requirements for that season since she has different entry edge and direction of rotation of the two twizzles (1st set is right back outside counter-clockwise, 2nd set is right forward outside clockwise), at least 4 rotations in the each of the two twizzles, and option 2: 2 different additional features from different groups (she has 3, tho not from 3 different groups so this isn’t option 1, it’s option 2: dance jump entry into 1st set of twizzles [group c], arms clasped in front for at least 4 rotations established within first half rotation [group a], and elbow(s) above shoulder level for at least 4 rotations established within 1st half rotation [group a]). 


Also tbh if he was smart he could have just continued the 2nd and 3rd set of twizzles like they were planned and gotten level 3 twizzles. He would have had enough features for level 4, but one level would be reduced due to the complete stop between the 1st & 2nd set of twizzles. Also I know only one step between twizzles is allowed in the SD, but like just take the extra steps and reduction in level and do the 2nd set so you at least get a level instead of getting no level and 0 points!!!

averbukh @ sochi: d/w & their hockey player like skating will be forgotten, while v/m will be remembered as one of the greatest teams of all time
averbukh @ gpf 2017: arguing with tat who is crying over p/c being true art, while v/m just skated to some movie by saying p/c do easy lifts & same fd every year
elena ilinykh: i love v/m even more than i love figure skating. i still miss v/m and watch them everyday on youtube.
elena as commentator during pyeongchang: what is the point if they don’t get married? *screaming when they get SD world record* *crying when V/M win the Olympics*
nikita katsalapov: scott moir is the ideal male ice dancer and partner. charlie white says tessa and scott were so talented they didn’t even need to train. when you watch v/m it is true art, true dancing, who cares about stupid edges?
max trankov: MY sochi champions. i was so sad when i asked scott where tessa was and he was like how should i know? it ruins the fantasy. they are so good at portraying love on the ice.
alexei yagudin: i didn’t start watching ice dance until tessa and scott came along
stepanova/bukin: they are the coolest. they came back and they are still the best. we will not even try to beat them and wait until they retire.