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“Elisabeth Seitz’s floor feels completely NCAA, and I love it.”

“I can’t get over that Simone had a higher execution score on bars than Padurariu and Seitz, and only 1 tenth liwer than Aliya.”

“I‘m so happy Eli Seitz finally got her UB worlds medal she was hoping for so long.”

“What I really loved at this WC: So many girls, who became 4th or 5th last year, finally medaled! Tingting, Mai AA, Eli Seitz, Shallon Olsen… <3″

“OK, but imagine an UB podium of Becky Downie, Nina Derwael and any of Elizabeth Seitz, Kim Bui, or Jonna Adlertag. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.”


2018 American Cup


2018 American Cup | March 3, 2018 | Chicago, IL 

Elisabeth Seitz (Germany)

Rio 2016 Olympics