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“I miss Ebee so damned much.”

“I need Elizabeth Price to come back to elite and give Simone real competition”

“My dream Olympic 2020 Team: Simone Elizabeth Shawn Jordyn”

“This is your (ir)regularly scheduled Ebee Price Appreciation Post.”

“I feel like Ebee Price is this decade’s equivalent of Amy Chow.”

“I miss ebee”

“People criticizing Ebee for her fundraising for her tuition either have never struggled to pay anything in their lives or have zero empathy whatsoever. An education system where people are forced to go into debt unless they have huge amounts of money to pay every year is a broken system.”

“I love how someone had the audacity to call Ebee tacky for having a Go Fund Me so she could go to Harvard so she can “designing and developing more efficient and affordable medical devices for under-served communities around the world”. And then we have ppl like Full House’s Aunt Becky committing fraud to get her kids into top schools because they didn’t put in the effort like someone like Ebee, as well as taking opportunities away from kids who give a damn, but aren’t rich.”

“Ebee Price is a fucking saint and if you say anything bad about her your opinion is automatically invalid, sorry not sorry.”

“Ebee Price wants to pursue further studies in one of the best unis in the world so she could make affordable medical devices for underprivileged communities around the world. She is amazing and we should all support her.”