Category: Ellie Black

“I wish there was more heavy metal in floor musics. Metallica’s S&M album would go very well! Maybe Ellie Black could do it, as she’s always making the horn sign…”

“Part of Lilia’s floor music (the opera that starts during the double arabian), reminds me soooo much of Ellie Black’s 2017 music (the opera that starts right before the last pass). It sounds weird but if you go watch it you will understand.”

“I should be happy Gelya got her first medal but I’m also kinda sad cause Ellie was so close to another AA medal D:”

“So sad Ellie got hurt, but so relieved that it’s “only” a sprained ankle and not something worse. Wishing her a speedy recovery and a kickass performance in Tokyo!”

“Ellie pulling out of beam finals and Kara getting in after having it pulled from under her feet is this worlds in a nutshell. I don’t even know how to feel anymore.”

“PLEASE GYM GODS I will literally never ask for anything ever again if Ellie recovers in time for Tokyo.”

“Wait! I think Kara Eaker is in the beam finals after all because Ellie Black is injured!”

“Ellie Black could punch me in the face and the only thing I would do is say “Thank you!”. She is such a lovely person, and we 100% stan (everything but her UB form).”


Brooklyn Moors crashes teammate Ellie Black’s post-podium training interview

“Can we please take a moment away from the BS drama and recognize the amazing work Ellie Black’s coaches have done to pace her continual improvement after 10 years on the elite scene?!”