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“Emma M deserves a healthy senior elite year”

“I still believe in Emma Malabuyo”

“I sometimes think what could have been for ragan, maile and Emma if Simone wasn’t here, would they have more opportunities? a little less cut throat? still in elite??”

“Emma malabuyo is injures again smh I really wanted to see her this year soo bad what is with these Texas dreams gymnasts always getting injured and before big meets”

“It’s not going to happen because of Simone, but it would be amazing to see an all-Asian Team USA (plus individuals) in 2020 with Morgan, Kara, Emma, Sunisa, Leanne, and Kayla.”

“So Colbi has quit gymnastics, Bailie has medically retired, Ragan is going to OU this year.. we need to wrap Emma in bubble wrap until Tokyo”

“Honestly, as good as Morgan and Riley are, Leanne and Sunisa could replace them. Leanne as a solid all arounder, and Sunisa as a bars/beam girl who is solid AA. Esp if they do the upgrades we know they can do (Amanar and second vault from Leanne, new bars and passes from Sunisa). Also, Emma Malabuyo could could her case as a solid BB/FX addition, if Simone, Jade, Sunisa and Leanne are anchoring a worlds team…”

“I’m so salty that Miss Val will have left when Emma Malabuyo gets to UCLA. Emma is such a great performer on floor and I would have loved to see her do a routine choreographed by Miss Val”

“We need a Grace McCallum vs. Emma Malabuyo vs. Maile O’Keefe vs. Gabby Perea showdown. Maybe add in Kara Eaker to intensify beam.”

“2019 US worlds team predictions? Simone for sure, Riley and Morgan will be strong contenders, I’m still awaiting the return of O’Keefe and Malabuyo, and perhaps Ragan? Of course, there will be others and these girls might decide to not go, but it’ll be interesting. And there’ll be new seniors; I can see Leanne or Sunisa on the team as well.”