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“2019 will finally see Gabby, Emma, and Maile all competing together as seniors. Who do you think will come out on top?”

“Okay Emma Malabuyo’s youtube channel in the best thing ever.”

“Let’s pretend that the teams for the Olympics can have 10 people. My (US) team might be Biles, Hurd, Mccusker, Smith, Lee, Malabuyo, Carey, O’Keefe, Chiles, and Eaker. That would be a busy team final. And let’s not forget our alternates, Wong, Tatum, and Bowers.”

“Don’t sleep on Emma Malabuyo.”

“Remember the good times when we thought our World team would be dominated by Perea, Malabuyo and O’Keefe?”

“I feel like Hedwig’s Theme would really suit Emma Malabuyo, but I also want Morgan to use it just because it would fit her love of Harry Potter, you feel?”



that leo punches you in the face with america

I don’t even think it would be that bad if it didn’t have that hideous neck situation thing going on


2018 US Nationals Seniors → 1/3


toes!!! (x)


Emma Malabuyo during podium training at the 2018 U.S. Classic (x)