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“Why did the FIG turn off some of the features on their youtube videos? You can’t see the number of views or upvotes anymore. Comments are turned off but that’s happening with a lot of creators’ videos and sometimes youtube does that.”

“"FIG is punishing Simone for being too skilled by devaluing the double-double". FIG outright banned the triple front on vault after Radivilov proved it could be done and I saw no one complaining.”

“What I don’t get from the whole “FIG is devaluing skills because they want to cut Simone off” narrative is what do you guys think FIG has to win by doing that.”

“FIG drinks too much dumb bitch juice 😜”

“If FIG threw a fit over cat makeup, imagine the meltdown they would have over a gymnast with heavy face tattoos.”

“Reminder that the FIG are a bunch of whiny killjoys that had a meltdown and threw a tantrum over a girl’s makeup.”

“Instead of modest makeup FIG should have used good taste make up, or make up that doesn’t look like that of a clown.”

“FIG – where you can’t have theatrical makeup but large hops after difficult skills don’t matter”

“FIG is so concerned about women going crazy with makeup like Celine Van Gerner but won’t do anything about all the hideous tattoos the men have (Netherlands, looking at you) that are far more distracting.”

“this new FIG requirement for “modest” makeup that doesn’t portray a character just because a few people had their delicate sensibilities offended by Celine being creative at Euros is IDIOTIC and RIDICULOUS and the FIG are a bunch of mindless jerks who’ll be first against the wall when the revolution comes!”