Category: floor music

“Billie Eilish is so overused this year in NCAA floor music”

“Someone said Maggie Nichols’ new floor music sounds like cows mooing and now I can’t unhear it”

“Is Morgan Hurd’s new floor music from the Mulan remake?”

“has anyone else had different music playing when watching a floor routine and it fits oddly well with the routine?”

“I’m sorry, but the more I hear Simone’s current floor music, the less I like it. It just doesn’t make any sense at all.”

“I need for somebody to use “A river flows in you” as their floor music. ALIYA PLEASE COME BACK”

“I wish there was more heavy metal in floor musics. Metallica’s S&M album would go very well! Maybe Ellie Black could do it, as she’s always making the horn sign…”

“I’m pumped that Marcia Vidiaux used “Titanium” for her floor music. It’s interesting how they cut in some typical floor music after the last pass but I think if they were going to do that, the ending should have been more dramtic. I feel like the last note and pose was kind of blah. It built up but then it was like pfffttt….”

“Part of Lilia’s floor music (the opera that starts during the double arabian), reminds me soooo much of Ellie Black’s 2017 music (the opera that starts right before the last pass). It sounds weird but if you go watch it you will understand.”

“I need Mustafina to make the Russian team for Tokyo and compete on floor to her 2012 floor music again.”