Category: floor music

“Nina’s floor music is at least as annoying as Simone’s but I don’t see anyone complaining”

“Steingrubers floor music 😍”

“Giorgia Villa, girl I love your floor music”

“Excuse me, but MyKayla’s floor music >>> Simone’s floor music.”

“I find it hilarious that Grace McCallum, who has literally the world’s most Scottish name and look, has “Hava Nagila” as her floor music”

“I feel like ‘Where’s Your Head At’ by Basement Jaxx would make a fun floor music lol”

“Morgan’s 2017 floor routine and music was TOO DIE FOR”

“Is it just me or does some of you also listen to your favourite floor musics while bathing?”

“I wish broadcasters put the songs the gymnasts used in the bio before they compete on floor like in figure skating :(”

“I wish there was a Shazam type app for floor music that would list all the gymnasts that have ever used that piece of music. It bugs me when I hear a gymnast on floor and I’m wracking my brain in vain to figure out which gymnast I’d seen use it before.”