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“Honestly ther should be a minimum difficulty for event finals, like floor finals requiring at least an E tumbling pass and so on”

“Favorite floor routine of all time: Dominique Pegg, american cup 2010. Go ahead, try to change my mind.”

“This might be controversial but idc, if you can’t compete at least a single E tumbling pass then you shouldn’t be near the all around podium, let alone the floor final :)”

“I feel like everyone forgets that Diana Chelaru was a world silver medalist on floor in 2010. Such a shame people forget, it’s one of my favorite routines, and if it wasn’t for the second landing, she would’ve gotten gold.”

“Just rewatched Aliya’s Floor routine at the 2014 Worlds Final, and I still found that everything was magical”

“Dominique Moceanu’s Devil Went Down to Georgia floor routine is one of the best routines of all time. I remember watching it during the 96 Olympics and just loving it so much.”

“maya oberman etzion has a super fun floor routine to watch and she’s using agiugiuculese’s 2018 clubs music”

“I need for somebody to use “A river flows in you” as their floor music. ALIYA PLEASE COME BACK”

“Roxana Popa for floor bronze in Tokyo.”

“Is Claudia Fragapane still injured? I miss GB having her and Amy in major competition. Floor is a mess without them!”