Category: FX

“Has any gymnast ever done voguing as part of a floor routine? Because that would be super cool.”

“I love Steingruber’s full turn on floor”

“kara’s floor from worlds selection 2019. nobody talks about it enough”

“I love that move Nia does after her leap series on floor- when she gets on one knee and leans back”

“NOT HATING but I think its weird that MyKayla Skinner starts with her leap pass. Like its just a waste of energy and you should wait to do it until after your 2nd or 3rd pass when your already tired anyway. Like you need a lot more energy for your double double and moors than your switch full”

“Must be nice to have such a difficulty advantage on the rest of the field that you don’t have to worry about sticking anything and can just absorb an OOB deduction on every floor pass”

“Jade using Catalina Ponor’s old floor music from 2016 just makes me miss her even more.”

“Can someone please tell me what the music is at the beginning of Gracie Day’s floor routine? I recognize it but can’t place it and it’s driving me insane!”

“I’m willing to fight anyone who doesn’t like Jordyn Wieber’s 2012 floor in a parking lot of their choice”

“I re-watch Lieke’s FX routines whenever I’m feeling sad. It doesn’t exactly cheer me up but it’s like she gets me and that’s at least something.”