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“Why are people suddenly so convinced that six is late to start gymnastics? Carly Patterson, Gabby Douglas, and Simone Biles all started at six. That’s three of the past four Olympic Champions. Yet somehow six is late?”

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“fun fact about Gabby: The letters in “Douglas” can be rearranged to spell USA GOLD.”

“yeah ok gabby definitely deserved that gold AA medal in london but I just felt really sad/upset that vika didn’t get that medal because I was rooting for her so badly and at the time I didn’t know gabby that well so I was just angry with her (but I’m really sorry because know that I shouldn’t just judge people like that)”

“It annoys when people say gabby “stole” vikas medal or “vika should have won” but gabby had an awesome competition and hit 4/4 without major errors and though vika did amazing to in 3 events she didnt execute her vault landing well at all taking a bunch of steps and stepping off the mats. Gabby deserved her medal and vika made that mistake herself costing her the gold.”

“I used to dislike gabby ever since I knew about her for no particular reason (maybe because she “stole” vika’s AA gold medal at the 2012 olympics) but after I read her book, I realised what she and her family had to go through so that just so that she could go for gymnastics lessons and I really like her now”

“I might not like their gymnastics but God bless Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman. They seem like such sweet people and are helping out the world.”

“i love gymnasts who decide to peak at olympics but not worlds or national meets (looking at you aliya & gabby)”

“Am I the only one who likes Gabby’s bar routines the best? Don’t get me wrong, of course gymnasts like Aliya, Viktoria, Maddie, Ashton etc have great bar routines with fluid and elegant movements, but when Gabby swings bars she makes it look so light and easy! She really combines power and elegance.”

“I´m so proud of the London team. The teenagers from 2012 turned into young woman, Kyla rocks NCAA, Jo as the new head coach, Aly for giving all her power to chance the system and McKayla for just being McKalya. I don’t know what Gabby is doing, but these five „girls“ are my heroes, truly fierce and it´s so nice to see them growing and growing.”