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“just 2 years ago i honestly thought gabby perea was a lock for the olympics. but the injuries, and now the legacy elite abuse investigation, makes me think she’s out of the race.”

“we need more shaposh to immediate high-bar release to immediate pak salto combos… they might not be the cleanest but ruby harrold’s maloney + tkachev + bhardwaj & gabby perea’s komova 2 + ricna + pak (+ chow ½) were absolutely insane.”

“We need a Grace McCallum vs. Emma Malabuyo vs. Maile O’Keefe vs. Gabby Perea showdown. Maybe add in Kara Eaker to intensify beam.”

“2019 will finally see Gabby, Emma, and Maile all competing together as seniors. Who do you think will come out on top?”

“Remember the good times when we thought our World team would be dominated by Perea, Malabuyo and O’Keefe?”


If 2020 Skinner looks anything like 2016/NCAA Skinner, I wouldn’t mind if she made the Olympic team tbh



I’m trying really hard NOT to get excited about the new seniors for 2018. I have been a part of the gymternet long enough. I should know better.

But Simakova and O’Keefe and Zubova and Perea and Padurariu and Malabuyo and Golgota and Siyu and ohmygosh I’m so excited for Mana Oguchi I don’t know why we don’t hear more about her, she looks amazing!

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