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“viktoria komova has made multiple posts and stories saying she’s “training” i hope she has some sort of success (which she’s had already in the past) really, the olympics may be possibly out of reach but i want her to have some success because this may be her last comeback. if she’s in great shape is it too late for a specialist spot?”

“I noticed that Wang Yan came out of retirement in 2019 after being removed from the national team in 2018, despite claims that she wanted to retire after the 2017 Worlds but couldn’t because the team had to decide. Was she forced to come back?”

“In rhythmic, was there a change to the clubs apparatus that allowed the gymnasts to be able to stick them together and have them stay together during throws and catches? I don’t watch a lot of rhythmic but I feel like I didn’t see this happen before 2004. Was there a physical change to the apparatus that makes this possible now or was it not allowed before?”

“Does Shawn Johnson actually like Donald Trump? I thought she was politically moderate, as am I.”

“Watching the 2011 American cup and they are talking about how the Russians were unhappy because after 25 hours of travel they got to the hotel and Aliya was “put into a room with another foreign athlete.” So now I am curious how hotels work for major championships? Why would two athletes who are strangers to each other have to share a room vs getting their own? That was so weird to hear the commentators say.”

“Ok but how is Konnor still training? Isn’t her gym supposed to be closed?”

“If Myk continues training elite this year for Tokyo, could she still try for the individual route? Are any other US gymnasts attempting that route?”

“Hold on. Why exactly do we call an arabian an “arabian”? I’m sure I am not the only one that has thought about this.”

“Has anyone else noticed that pretty much all of Kittia Carpenter’s recent elites defected to Christian Gallardo? What’s that about?”

“Was Emily Gaskins dealing with an injury this season? She competed so much more last year I feel like. Not sure if she was hurt or was just bested by some of the freshmen?”