Category: gfc question

“Why did the FIG turn off some of the features on their youtube videos? You can’t see the number of views or upvotes anymore. Comments are turned off but that’s happening with a lot of creators’ videos and sometimes youtube does that.”

“I wonder what Ou Yushan will be capable of… Is she eligible for 2020?”

“A bit off topic but I was watching A Dogs Purpose & (spoiler alert) was confused that the boy didn’t get to go to college for football after breaking his leg. I’m not American but I thought lots of injured gymnasts still go to NCAA with injuries, esp ones they’re likely to reover from. Why would they take away his scholarship??”

“Does Flavia have a new heart tattoo on her shoulder or have I just never noticed it until now?”

“How likely is it that Golgota or Stanciulescu can take the EU continental spot for the  olympics????”

“Who is Whitney and why are people trying to make her happen?”

“Is Morgan Hurd’s new floor music from the Mulan remake?”

“What has been your fav & least fav thing to happen in the last decade of gymnastics??”

“Is Alyona going to be put in line ups this season at LSU or is she still recovering from injury?”

“Is Laurie Hernandez upgrading any of her routines? I know we don’t get the full insight in her trainings but she’s only posting skills she’s done in Rio. If she doesn’t upgrade I’m afraid she won’t make the team. She didn’t really have the top difficulty then either and now it’ll be at least 2 points lower because of the new COP”