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“My USA Olympic team prediction: Simone, Suni, Morgan/Grace and Jade. All good AAer’s with strong worlds experience. I think if Morgan shows her 2017/2018 performances over these next 9 months she’ll be in, and if Grace shows a solid Amanar she’ll be in (if both do it could be interesting), and if neither do that spot will be open for one of the upcoming seniors, maybe Kara, possibly Riley if she recovers well. (It will probably be something completely different but it’s fun to make predictions).”

“I feel like Grace is the Kyla of this quad: dependable, level-headed, and clean”

“grace mccallum and viktoria komova kinda look alike”

“grace is too underrated!!”

“Jade and Grace are my favorite dynamic duo”

“Grace McCallum’s day 2 leo was very pretty. I love blue and white together and I think they went really well on the leo, plus I love the design. But the day 1 leo…”

“Can someone please explain to me why people are so annoyed with or indifferent to Grace? Like yeah her form isn’t perfect but it’s better than Maggie’s was when she was in elite, and y’all seemed to like her plenty even back then. I’m also a Maggie stan I’m just saying, what’s the big difference?”

“During the nbc broadcast talking about Grace McCallum, Tim said how in an interview she wanted second that’s what she wants… and it made me just think. It sucks how gymnasts have almost excepted the fact that Simone will always win. Although proven many times she wins these gymnasts shouldn’t be thinking they are fighting for second it should always be first no matter the competition. Idk maybe why no one can get even close to her is that they just except they don’t think they can”


U.S.A → United Silivas of America

“I’m honestly just rooting for Grace McCallum for Tokyo just so Sarah Jantzi can be the female coach on the floor instead of Maggie Haney”