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“I find it weird how every Utah freshman is majoring in Kinesiology.. to me it just screams “I have no ambitions outside of gymnastics””

“I love UB so much and I’m always bummed that the routines are so ridiculously short in ncaa.”

“It would be absolutely incredible if Simone manages to introduce a skill even the men haven’t competed either on vault of floor. 3.5 twisting Yurchenko? That would be insane”

“Dear gym gods, please have mercy on Becky until August 2021. She’s worked too damn hard and come too damn far. I need these next year or so to be her year!”

“the fact that there’s a higher chance of a chellsie memmel comeback than a larisa iordache comeback is not necessarily something i expected, but i can’t say i’m mad”

“Looking at it now it’s for the best that they decided the host of 2021’s euros but not worlds’….”

“Anyone knows if the qualification process for Tokyo is the same? Like Kiev’s ec got cancelled and the world cup serie is to be held september-november…if the situation allows it.”

“With this gymnastics drought I managed to watch every P&G championship from 2013 till 2019 and quite a few worlds finals in a week. Man I miss competition. (Please understand I totally agree to the cancellation of all the events)”

“Now it’s questionable if Riley continues to Tokyo or not. That will depend on how NCAA handles the situation. Though I’m really sad we didn’t see enough of her. She only went to 1 Worlds. If it weren’t for injuries she would’ve gone to 2017 (instead of either Ashton or Morgan) and 2019 (instead of Grace perhaps) in my opinion. I hope she makes the Olympic team and crushes it there.”

“Aliya is not coming back. She is not the favourite anymore in Russian gymnastics.”