Category: gymnastics

“I wonder how utah will finish this year without their star myk”

“Dear God someone please save Sabrina Voinea”

“NCAA seems off to an especially rough start this year.”

“I already feel so sorry for the 2 individual Americans at Tokyo 2020 who should be earning team gold but may leave without any medals at all”

“I had no idea Rachel Dickson was injured and out for the season. Heartbroken for her!”

“So Nile and Gabrielle are back together. Hope she’s good for his mental health and helps him be happy and motivated♥️”

“So many yt comments about ‘useless spotters’ when gymnasts fall on bars… don’t people realise that if the spotters always tried to catch the gymnast it would most of the time cause injury where there wouldn’t be any otherwise…”

“For some reason when I first saw Sunisa’s name, I pronounced it “Soon-nizz-zee-uh” in my head and haven’t been able to correct myself no matter how hard I try”

“I miss Simone’s Biles l + front layout. I know she only competed it once but it was just so pretty and awesome.”

“2020 is the perfect year for glasses to make their olympic gymnastics debut”