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“Simone 2020 FX to God is a Woman”

“Dream US Olympic team : Sunisimone, Morgrace, Rileanne, Jadeaker”

“I’m losing faith in Aliya UB gold threepeat :(”

“I’m really excited to see Riley and Morgan compete at Florida. I wish they were in the same class though.”

“As someone who follows WAG quite a lot but is very new to MAG, I find myself rooting for the Russian guys because “Go, Daria’s husband and friends!”. Best. Reason. Ever. *facepalms*”

“People talk a lot about how many people in the final had more or less the same bar routine in Rio; full pirouette, maloney, pak, maloney ½, then jaegar. But I never really realized that Aliya and Maddie HAD THE EXACT SAME ROUTINE. There’s a video on youtube that layers their routines over each other and the only difference that changed the length was that maddie does an extra stalder before the full pirouette into the dismount.”

“I really don’t want it to be true, but I don’t think Aliya will even make Tokyo”

“Have you seen Ella Oprea? OMG! The LINES!”

“I was super excited for Gelya’s medals at worlds already, but then I saw the episode of all around from worlds and I’m even more excited for her.”

“Gymnasts (and humans in general) should never be shamed for making mistakes. I hate how accepted that is in gymnastics across the entire world. Like look at what happened to Mattie Larson in 2010 or Grishy in 2012… no gymnast deserves this ever.”