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The NBC Sports YouTube channel has some routines that weren’t aired/broadcasted on either NBC or the FIG international stream!

Suni’s beam is here with all her AA routines: (happy to see that she stayed on the beam and hit both acro series, especially the layout she’s been having trouble with)

Yul’s high bar and floor are here with all his AA routines: (he did the triple twisting layout dismount instead of his usual ftdlo off high bar and it was excellent!)

Awww Artur chose Kohei over Nemov and said Kohei is his idol ❤️❤️❤️

OMG where are the videos or pictures of the longines prize yet? I need to see them lol

Liang Chow on the AA final:

“I still have tears in my eyes…just now Tang Xijing ran over and said to me ‘Thank you Coach Chow’…it hasn’t been easy. We have such a talented team. We went through a year of adjustments and hard work to raise our level in all events. Captain LTT also has a lot of pressure on her, bringing 3 young teammates. When she makes small errors she isn’t able to show her full capabilities. But today TXJ really showed the true strength of the Chinese gymnastics team. For her to be able to demonstrate her full potential on this stage, I’m so excited for her and proud of our team. We just need to keep moving forward. With hard work, we eagerly anticipate the Tokyo Olympics”

Translation by @fivecentimeterspersecond

Simone did the mic drop because Mykayla suggested it

Olympic Channel posted every one of Chuso’s Olympic routines in HD!!!

Aww Aiko Sugihara calling Simone the GOAT is so cute

Artur and Diego supporting Kenzo after Kenzos injury 😭❤️