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averbukh @ sochi: d/w & their hockey player like skating will be forgotten, while v/m will be remembered as one of the greatest teams of all time
averbukh @ gpf 2017: arguing with tat who is crying over p/c being true art, while v/m just skated to some movie by saying p/c do easy lifts & same fd every year
elena ilinykh: i love v/m even more than i love figure skating. i still miss v/m and watch them everyday on youtube.
elena as commentator during pyeongchang: what is the point if they don’t get married? *screaming when they get SD world record* *crying when V/M win the Olympics*
nikita katsalapov: scott moir is the ideal male ice dancer and partner. charlie white says tessa and scott were so talented they didn’t even need to train. when you watch v/m it is true art, true dancing, who cares about stupid edges?
max trankov: MY sochi champions. i was so sad when i asked scott where tessa was and he was like how should i know? it ruins the fantasy. they are so good at portraying love on the ice.
alexei yagudin: i didn’t start watching ice dance until tessa and scott came along
stepanova/bukin: they are the coolest. they came back and they are still the best. we will not even try to beat them and wait until they retire.