Category: igor radivilov

“I rewatched the Stuttgart vault final and I hadn’t noticed Oleg in the public cheering for Radivilov and it’s an incredibly wholesome two seconds of TV.”

“"FIG is punishing Simone for being too skilled by devaluing the double-double". FIG outright banned the triple front on vault after Radivilov proved it could be done and I saw no one complaining.”

“Radivilov’s stuck landing in his first vault in London is the standard against which all stuck landings should be compared.”

“Does a vault final without Radivilov even count as a vault final? Does a floor final without Cunningham?”

“Does anyone know if yurichenko double Arabian is a thing? Or double Arabian half? I feel like if they are radivilov is so powerful he’d be able to stick them pretty much first attempt.”

Men’s Vault:

1. Kenzo Shirai

2. Igor Radivilov

3. Kim Hansol