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“Jade for VT 2020 gold”

“My USA Olympic team prediction: Simone, Suni, Morgan/Grace and Jade. All good AAer’s with strong worlds experience. I think if Morgan shows her 2017/2018 performances over these next 9 months she’ll be in, and if Grace shows a solid Amanar she’ll be in (if both do it could be interesting), and if neither do that spot will be open for one of the upcoming seniors, maybe Kara, possibly Riley if she recovers well. (It will probably be something completely different but it’s fun to make predictions).”

“if the 2 per country rule didn’t exist, the FX podium would have just been USA: simone, suni and jade”

“I want to see how USA WAG holds up in the next quad without Simone. Suni and jade are pretty solid and can cover FX VT BB and UB pretty well just the two of them. Who are the others? Morgi and…?”

“Only smart people understand jade Carey’s superiority (I’m not being sarcastic either)”

“USA wag Tokyo team: simone, suni, morgi and jade BB VT UB and FX all covered”

“Jade stepped out the landing zone and stepped out of her chances at the gold and I was honestly heartbroken for her.”

“Jade Carey has beautiful gymnastics that remind me so much of Grishina, I wish more people appreciated her artistry.”

“For real though I’m just happy jade got a gold from being a JO athlete in 2016 to a double silver medalist in 2017 to pretty much securing an Olympic spot in 2018-2019 to a world champion with the color of gold around her neck. I could not be more proud. And not to forget the outburst of suni. I tend to root towards the underdogs and the athletes that just go HERE I AM WORLD WATCH OUT”

“Jade and Grace are my favorite dynamic duo”