Category: Jordan Chiles

“I am rooting for Riley to make the Tokyo team. I really hope she can become more consistent and show routines like her Pan Am Games qualifications more often where she was phenomenal. Everything she does is just elegant and precise. A team with her, Biles, Lee would be absolute perfection. (4th gymnast being one of: McCallum, Chiles, Skinner or Wong)”

“I would love it if Jordan Chiles made the Olympic team. Talk about a major glow up if that happened. Now I’m hoping for Simone, Sunisa, Morgan, and Jordan for the 4-person team.”

“Shoutout to Jordan Chiles for having adding much needed style to gymnastics with her hair and leos”

“Unpopular Opinion: What Mykayla can do, Jordan Chiles can do just as well, if not better. If Jade takes the specialist spot, it is possible that she can be on the team”

“I just wanna see Jordan Chiles compete in at least one worlds competition”

“Jordan heading to surgery looking fierce as ever with that beat face is a whole mood”

“Jordan has never looked so solid. Switching to WCC was one of the best decision’s she made, and I’m beyond happy for her! Cecile and Laurent seem to really know how to bring out the best in power gymnasts and I’m here for it.”

“Jordan Chiles for the WC team this year!!”

“I can’t wait to see Jordan Chiles in these upcoming meets because she moved to WCC and I’m looking forward to some improvements from WCC training”

“It’s Summer 2017. Ragan Smith is the new national champion. Jordan Chiles debuts her Wolfkino on beam. Life is good.”