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“I wonder what the Chinese would do with kara. I wonder how they would fix her BB bc clearly she has BB potential like the Chinese but just needs someone to unleash that”

“Kara Eaker is essentially this quad’s Brenna Dowell”

“So many adopted gymnasts in the US, Simone, Morgan, Kara, yul Moldauer. Joke’s on their biological parents for failing them, they have become successful gymnasts and I am happy for them.”

“Kara eaker looks like he kexin”

“i feel like kara’s elite career is one big cautionary tale”

“Can we just put an end to Kara’s beam ordeal. Let’s hope they have learnt their lesson. Let’s hope that if she medals like a bronze medal, they don’t go and inquire to try and get silver (or she might be relegated to 4th) 🙄”

“Isn’t Kara’s team final beam score just going to make her coaches think they DON’T need to do anything? It was even higher than her original qualifying score”

“This worlds has been an emotional rollercoaster for Kara, idk whether to feel happy for her getting to do the bb ef now or not aha”

“I get that you always want the highest score. But the USA was literally the last subdivision, and beam was their last event. And Kara was in fourth, with only Simone to go. Literally guaranteed a spot. I get they didn’t think this would happen, but there was literally no reason to submit an inquiry.”

“Ellie pulling out of beam finals and Kara getting in after having it pulled from under her feet is this worlds in a nutshell. I don’t even know how to feel anymore.”