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“Here’s my 2020 US team prediction that no one asked for but none of my friends are into gymnastics so I have to say everything here – Simone, Sunisa, Jade, Grace (Kara instead of Grace if she fixes her beam)”

“My 2020 wish: an entirely PoC US team. Come on, with Simone, Kara, Morgan, Leanne, Sunisa, Jordan and Trinity you have your pick!”

“I bet Kara Eaker is in the gym working on her ring positions”

“I wonder if Kara or Morgan would have done as well as they have if they stayed in China and got on the Chinese team”

“I was just thinking how interesting the back stories of many American gymnasts are: Nastia moved from russia at age 2, starting out with no money, kara and morgan were adopted from china, gabby overcoming financial troubles and moving away from home, Simone was put in foster care and adopted by grandparents. And they all became world/ olympic champions. Just imagine if Morgan hadn’t been adopted, or Nastia stayed in Russia. We wouldn’t have seen their amazing gymnastics”

“Three things I want for 2020 (US edition) 1) An Olympic medal for Morgan 2) Riley to not peak too early in the season 3) A well-constructed beam routine for Kara”

“Dream US Olympic team : Sunisimone, Morgrace, Rileanne, Jadeaker”

“My USA Olympic team prediction: Simone, Suni, Morgan/Grace and Jade. All good AAer’s with strong worlds experience. I think if Morgan shows her 2017/2018 performances over these next 9 months she’ll be in, and if Grace shows a solid Amanar she’ll be in (if both do it could be interesting), and if neither do that spot will be open for one of the upcoming seniors, maybe Kara, possibly Riley if she recovers well. (It will probably be something completely different but it’s fun to make predictions).”

“Gelya got better routine composition and it helped her and I think if someone had enough sense to do the same for Kara it would help”

“I wonder what the Chinese would do with kara. I wonder how they would fix her BB bc clearly she has BB potential like the Chinese but just needs someone to unleash that”