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“So this NCAA season. No Brielle Nguyen, No Katelyn Ohashi. No Mykayla Skinner. No Olivia Kara’s, no McKenna Kelly, no Sarah Finnegan. Im already becoming sad”

“Kate’s greatest gift to gymnasts is showing them they can choose happiness.”

“Can someone please link me to Katelyn Ohashi’s letter she wrote regarding her struggle with an eating disorder? I’m writing a paper on it and can’t seem to find it!”

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“Katelyn Ohashi for the future UCLA Bruins coach!”

“It makes me smile to see how happy and healthy Katelyn Ohashi is in NCAA”

“The Final Five should’ve been: Aly Kyla Simone Katelyn Laurie”

“Still sad we never got the full Ohashi & Biles domination”

“I imagine it must be so empowering for Kate to do the SI body issue. What could make you feel stronger than proudly showing off a body you earned that enables you to do things most people could only dream of, especially after struggling with body shaming, self esteem, and autoimmune disease? So proud of this girl!”

“I love it when gymnastics things goes viral, seeing people lose their minds over cool stuff like Ohashi’s routine or Simone’s triple double makes me really happy, like now the rest of the world gets a small taste of the joy I feel all the time being a fan of gymnastics.”

“I was talking to my mom and her husband about Simone and how dominant she is. And her husband was like “oh no there’s another girl that’s going to completely beat her and take her spot on the team from the U.S.A.” I started guessing some girls and he mentioned she got a shit Tom of perfect 10’s and I said ohashi? He said yeah. I said that she no longer does gymnastics and he was like no she’s going to 2020. I wish. But it was a bit of a funny conversation”