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“hot take: ksenia afanaseyva is the GOAT on floor”

“Yao Jinnan, sui lu, yang yilin, huang huidan, Komova, porgras, ksenia afanasyeva need to come back 😭😭”

“BB and UB is more interesting to watch than FX and VT. Feel like FX is just too long, many choreos now are so cringe and awkward. Can Afan just start giving FX choreo master classes worldwide? If not, just in Russia is fine too.”

“For me the most artistic floor routine in modern times is Ksenia Afanasyeva’s 2012 Olympic floor.”

“Y’all be wondering why this quad is worse than the last one but we all know it’s cuz Afan is retired. 😤”


Russian Olympians 2012 | 2015

Which 3 would you pick???


Ksenya Afanasyeva performed one armed onodi in 2007!


Requested by anon: Ksenia Afanasyeva, BB EF, 2013 French Cup


Who remembers? #tbt