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“I’m guessing Laney doesn’t want to do ncaa anymore seeing as she’s advertising vitamin gummies on insta now”

“Laney seems like a nice, level-headed girl so it’s kinda amusing to see her stans be so OTT.”

“In 20 years from now people may not remember the name Biles but they WILL remember the name Madsen! Congrats to the World’s best multi-sport athlete on getting your skill named!”

“I don’t blame people like Laney for doing what she did to compete on the world stage. If your truly have dual citizenship and can make the team of a different country, that provides so much opportunity. Considering the 2PC rule stops most stellar elite gymnasts from being able to compete and in the USA it’s basically the 1PC rule because of Simone, you can’t fault people for seeking other ways of getting to compete when they do it fairly and without hurting anyone.”

“Laney deserved to be getting 54’s and up there with the rest of the American girls on that world stage. The judges see the mean comments people write about her online and build an inherent bias from it. That’s the truth, she deserved and earned her place to Tokyo, but they stole it from her. Love you Laney, keep fighting!”

“Honestly all you haters are going to be eating your words when Laney gets her AA Silver in Tokyo. Y’all can stay pressed.”

“I feel like Laney Madsen could have been sooooo much more successful if her coaches had focused more on simplifying her routines and working on her technique. I struggle to understand why they let her throw the hard stuff for years and rarely hit. She could ha be been doing the harder stuff now had they actually paced her.”

“What events is Laney Madsen likely to contribute to for UCLA?”

“What happened to Landy Madsen? I can’t find any results on how she did”

“I owe Laney Madsen an apology. She seems to be a smart, humble, levelheaded girl, and unlike some athletes, she has legit ties to the federation she’s representing. I still don’t think she’s ready for some (most) of the skills she’s chucking, but…. you do you, Laney. Just try not to get hurt doing it!”