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“People that say Iordache won’t comeback…

“People that say Iordache won’t comeback either don’t know her, or Bellu or Bitang or Dr Weinstabl. That girl should not only make it to Tokyo with ROU but also win the BB gold.”

“Iordache and Mustafina (2010) are the real …

“Iordache and Mustafina (2010) are the real AA gymnasts”

““I really don’t get why there are so many con…

““I really don’t get why there are so many confessions about Romania.“Why? Let me explain: 1) Larisa is back 2) Denisa has an Amanar 3) Berar and Puiu are seniors 4) Nica has a DTY and DLO 5) Iacob almost has a DTY and her bem upgrades are cray 6) Crisan finally had surgery and will be go back to training UB this month. 7) Did I said that they freaking have IORDACHE? And as Belgium just lost Rune and Axelle is not 100%”

“Romanians love the name Andreea but it is c…

“Romanians love the name Andreea but it is cursed! Aura ANDREEA Munteanu, ANDREEA Eugenia Munteanu, Larisa ANDREEA Iordache, ANDREEA Raducan, Andreea Iridon… Just count them”

Which 3 would you pick???

Which 3 would you pick???

“I know Larisa wants to wait to come back/no…

“I know Larisa wants to wait to come back/not go to Stuttgart but I think she should consider just doing UB. Even if she just did bars that could help their total by like 6 points if people fall. I think if she were there Romania could qualify to Tokyo because girls like Ioana, Denisa, and Iulia can get around 13 on bars, then Iordache can get low 14, and their other events are mostly fine if they all hit+don’t get under scored”


2019 Romanian National Team & Updates by Forminte (including injuries, staff problems and Chernobyl)

I gave up translating interviews lately, mostly because there’s not much to say, and if it is, it raises my pulse and I already have issues with that, but huge shout out to @airforcejuanaurelius​ for showing me Forminte’s latest interview and making my day. Gotta admit I missed the entertainment, because if you ignore the absurdity, he is quite the funny guy and below’s proof.

2019 NT – Denisa Golgota, Maria Holbura, Carmen Ghiciuc, Alexandra Mihai, Nica Ivanus, Laura Iacob, Maria Pana, Iulia Berar, Ana Maria Puiu, Ioana Crisan

(Forminte mentions having 10 seniors on the NT, names 9, says he’s forgetting someone, moves on, 2 minutes later remembers Crisan

Golgota will go to Doha and Baku WCs to prepare for Euros. Everyone skipped Jesolo because of the flu which delayed their training. Euros Team will probably be Golgota, Ghiciuc and Iacob, or maybe a miracle will happen with Berar and Puiu and they can get up to date with their training to be able to perform.

Golgota is the only healthy one, Mihai has been out with elbow pain for 2 years – eventually had surgery, Crisan has been struggling for 2 years with a twisted ankle – turns out she will also have surgery (‘to do something to her, I don’t know what, ‘cause I’m not a doctor’ – Forminte). Berar and Puiu have been out for 6 months due to ‘common pains’ (‘I’ve never seen such a generation before’ – Forminte).  Later on, he brags about how girls don’t get injured in Deva, apparently all the issues are from before, when they trained at the club.

He names several things contributing to the state of gymnastics, like how gymnasts aren’t as strong as before, you know, due to nutrition and Chernobyl (yes, he actually said that). Also, narrow selection pool, parents being too involved, no choreographer, no doctors on the NT (he has a point with the poor medical staff, though), etc. 

He mentions how, usually, when they have requests to local authorities, they usually get the standard response – ‘there’s no money’, but goes on to say that ‘fortunately, gymnastics can’t complain, as it has everything it needs to function, but we struggle with the staff, such as a choreographer, or a doctor.’ – Idk if he genuinely thinks they can’t find them in all of Romania, because, apparently, it’s not about the money?

The interviewer says he read about Larisa trying to come back and asks Forminte for more info, to which he responds ‘why would you think I’d know more about it?’ Turns out he read from the media that Larisa had the 3rd surgery and is trying to find a solution to train in Bucharest or Izvorani. She didn’t get in touch with him, so he doesn’t know what’s up with that.

Blames others for keep saying that there’s no hope for this generation which makes the girls and their parents lose motivation, totally ‘forgetting’ how he said that himself idk how many times.

Larisa Iordache Updates

She’s feeling well and hopes that at the end of the month when she’ll go to a final check-up the doctor will give her the green light to start training.

It’s been more than a year since she got injured and had 3 surgeries so far.

She tried to stay away from the gym for a while to see if she can get used to it, but it’s been hard which is why she wants to come back since she feels at home in the gym.

The hardest moment was after her 2nd surgery when she did 7 months of recovery for nothing. The tendon was still half torn, so recovery was still painful and she couldn’t make any progress. However, after going to Vienna for her 3rd surgery thanks to B&B she feels well, so it doesn’t matter now.

She hopes to make it to 2019 Worlds and some small meets before that to be able to get used to competing again.

The Tokyo Olympics is her goal and it would be a dream to get there, but can’t say if it will actually happen, she just hopes to be healthy.

Friends and family motivated her, and besides, gymnastics is her passion so that’s what gave her hope. Also, people wanting to see her back and telling her they missed her and her gymnastics inspire her and make her stronger.