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“I miss seeing Larisa and Diana together, th…

“I miss seeing Larisa and Diana together, they don’t even seem to be friends anymore.”



“I wish that in January Larisa will go to De…

“I wish that in January Larisa will go to Deva to be coached by Forminte. There she could learn an Amanar, al the skills Deni trains on floor, and she would have a better perspective on bars and beam. Lili Cosma’s Munteanu could after all defeat Lari on beam in 2015. And on bars Lari only learned a Fabricvnova since 2015, and increased her SV by 0.2 only. No offence for the Moldovans but I feel like Lari is is wasting herself in Bucharest while she could do better.”



New Larisa interview Idk if anyone had done this yet

Larisa was interviewed in a TVR piece last night that is available here or at least is available to me bc I’m part of her FB fangroup 😂

Morgi is the cutest

It might not be entirely correct but I tried 😅 It starts out with the interviewer asking Morgan and Simone if they have a message for her, Morgan says she’s such a big fan and it would be awesome if she came back, Simone says she hopes she gets well soon and hopes to be back competing with her.

Larisa says she is happy there is a friendship, and to see that they appreciate her just like she appreciates them. She is asked how it feels to commentate instead of compete and she says she had the most emotions for the Romanian team because she didn’t know how they felt during competition or how they accommodated in Doha, and of the other competitors, some can improve and there is potential, and some she watched with great admiration. She says in about 3 months she will do the penultimate control when the doctor will tell her if she can go back to training. She will continue rehab on her own until then and as soon as she can enter the gym, she will.

Her goal for when she gets back to the gym, is to form with the girls a team that can not be beaten, and individually to leave the pressure aside, prepare to her maximum potential, and be careful to what she has to do. With ‘a team that can not be beaten’ I assume she means a psychological solid one because she adds that the important thing is that they complete each other, listen to each other, even if they’re younger everyone’s opinion counts, and she learned this over the years, from the older athletes that taught her a lot and was very important, then she says smth I didn’t understand about how it is very important that it is a good day when elite athlete enters the gym and stay there for hours…I guess it’s about training environment

After a year out she sort of found herself again, she is rested, she now can say she enters the gym with new forces, with pleasure, maybe even more than before. She is sure that if she is in the gym, is doing what she loves, has fun with it as she has until now and now even more, then everything will be fine. People ask her to come back because they miss her gymnastics and she is like ‘why MY gymnastics out of all’ and people tell her she has something different about her, and that helped her and changed her way of thinking a little.


Unrelated to actual Worlds results, but… Larisa was commentating, being super sweet about all the girls competing and when they were broadcasting one of Ellie Black’s routines she talked about how nice Ellie is, and remembered how they competed together at Universiade. Turns out they went to doping testing together on the last day, and were super tired during the competition, so they cheered each other throughout the day, being all ‘we have one more event to go, come on’ and Ellie would come to her and say ‘come on Larisa, just a little more and we’re done, we can do it’ and so on

…so that was really cute 💜

griffinssclarke: Universiade 2017 | Larisa Ior…


Universiade 2017 | Larisa Iordache (ROU) wins the all-around with 56.750


All the gymnasts leaving supportive comments on Larisa’s post about getting her third surgery 😭😭😭




Iordache update 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃


Romanian legends celebrating another Romanian …

Romanian legends celebrating another Romanian legend 💕