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Lauren Mitchell (retired)

Representing: Australia


July 23, 1991

Lauren is only the second Australian woman gymnast to win medals at a World Championships, and the first to win gold.

She won AA gold at the Australian Championships in 2009 and 2011. In 2014, she won gold on FX and bronze on BB. In 2015, she won gold on FX, while in 2016 she won BB gold and FX bronze. 

She has eponymous skills on BB and FX: triple turn in tuckstand (wolfturn). 

“Missing Lauren Mitchell right about now.”


“I’m Australian, but I root for the USA team, I know most of their names, strengths and weaknesses, I make predictions of who will make world or Olympic teams. I follow juniors and hope they don’t burn out. I cheer for them when their flag goes up. But recently read about Lauren Mitchell, and I started to miss not being able to cheer for my own country, I just wish one of them would make worlds.”


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Lauren Mitchell (Australia)

2007 World Championships