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“K but like we all know that Laurie has the best straddle tkatchev lmao her hips literally rotate like 180 degrees”

“I hope Laurie makes the Olympics team because she’ll at least make it interesting and enjoyable to watch.”

“Laurie was invited to the November national team camp things are about to get interesting can’t wait to see how she is”

“The Final Five should’ve been: Aly Kyla Simone Katelyn Laurie”

“Everyone always talks about how bad MG elite is at vault, but take a look at Laurie. She competed vault in an Olympic Team Final, and consistently scored in the 15.1 range.”

“So sick and tired of the Laurie Hernandez comeback hate and people claiming it’s a “publicity stunt” like she’s the Olympic champion not you. She is entitled to take the comeback at her own pace and she is a champion no matter what.”

“isn’t it obvious that going pro after your 1st olympics means committing to trying for a 2nd olympics (health permitting) regardless of whether it’s a real or fake comeback? like idk why everyone’s so arms-up about laurie’s comeback, this badass chick is a pro athlete and has to compete — or at least try to — because that’s literally her JOB, one that makes bank but only for so long.”

“You know what would be really crazy? If Simone Laurie and mykayla made the team for 2020 and only one person from 2017-2020 quad made it to the olympics it would almost be as if this quad didn’t even happen… but I don’t think that this scenario is likely to happen, just a thought”

“If I was Laurie I would rack in endorsements by saying I was trying for 2020, train through the Olympic Year and make my comeback in 2021. Simone has said she will be retired by then and Morgan, Jade etc will be in college. She’ll have an easier time making teams AND that extra training time will give her the opportunity to become a great gymnast again.”

“I think Laurie Hernandez may have a shot at 2020 if she goes the world cup route. But I don’t think she can compete for a spot on the team unless she gets to at least the level she was at in 2016, which is very unlikely given how soon the Olympics are and the fact that she seems to be planning on becoming a 2 event specialist.”