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“Dream US Olympic team : Sunisimone, Morgrace, Rileanne, Jadeaker”

“I am rooting for Riley to make the Tokyo team. I really hope she can become more consistent and show routines like her Pan Am Games qualifications more often where she was phenomenal. Everything she does is just elegant and precise. A team with her, Biles, Lee would be absolute perfection. (4th gymnast being one of: McCallum, Chiles, Skinner or Wong)”

“If Leanne Wong hopes to be on the world team, she needs to throw an Amanar. Her other 3 events are all not the top 3 in the US.”

“I just love Morgan, Kara, Leanne and their gymnastics so much. My Asian American heart is so happy with all this talent and representation.”

“Has Leanne committed to NCAA yet?? Where suits her best”

“I just love how Al Fong was living leanne wongs bar routine at pan ams. and the pointing to the stick at the end is just the cherry on top!”

“Leanne Wong is one of my favourite gymnasts at this point in time. The only thing that prevents me from calling her perfection is her floor routine, i mean she is such a great tumbler and very graceful but girl needs better music and an actual coreography, then she will become a floor queen.”

“Leanne Wong’s hair bows appreciation post!”

“2019 Leanne Wong and 2012 Kyla Ross look quite similar!”

“Why is Leanne Wong not a bigger deal? She is in her first year as a senior, and seems so consistent. Her twisting is also insane, when was the last time we saw a 3.5?”