Category: leotards

“UCLA always have my favourite leos. Not only do they have my favourite colour scheme but their leos always seem somehow more creative than others.”

“Leotards should be either sleeveless or with long sleeves. Anything between that looks so ugly.”

Belgium, Italy, Australia, Romania, Canada, GBR, Germany, Japan, Russia, USA

“Utah’s “Mountains” leo is probably my favorite collegiate leo ever. SO pretty!!”

“That UCLA leo they wore in the first meet was GORGEOUS. they should make more like that.”

“Canada so often slays the leo game. 😍

“Oklahoma’s giraffe leo is the ugliest leo I have ever seen. Followed very closely by that UCLA black mesh one.”

“trampoline and tumbling leo’s>>>>. that’s it’s. that’s the confession.”

“Michigan’s leos >>>> every other team’s leos”

“T&T worlds prelims leotards>>>> literally any other WAG USA leo”