Category: leotards

“I love black leos and I wish they were used more often”

“White and Yellow leos are the best”

“At this point, can I design the USA Leo’s bc I have some cool interesting Leo ideas (not to brag lol) and gk is just not serving the Leo looks right now they are lacking originality”

“Simone looked amazing in the red Leo at worlds, high neck collars are her thing❤️”

“Canada’s leo game is fierce!”

“Melka and Suni had gorgeous Leos in the AA final.”

“Loooved Canada’s TF leos 😍🍁”

“is it bad my heart dropped when I saw Simone was wearing a white leo? but now that’s she’s won, I think her AA leo has to be my favorite USA leo maybe ever. it was so beautiful!!”

“Simone’s white AA leo is everything”

“I thought USA TF leos were real ugly tbh”