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“UCLA killed their leo game this year! From their flower leo, to the white to blue gradient leo, to Norah’s design! So gorgeous and refreshing.”

“90s leos are the best leos”

“Appreciation post for MSU’s leos”

“Someone needs to tell whoever designs Oklahoma’s leotards that less is more.”

“There is some seriously cruel irony to the concept of a competitive leotard with a decorative back designed to look like a strappy designer bra that makes wearing an ACTUALLY decent bra with it completely impossible. I’m glad USAG has made a rule clarification to get this under control and I really hope NCAA follows suit, those are grown women and they need to be able to dress like athletes.”

“I wish leos went back to being plain without tacky rhinestones and crazy designs and colors and shiny fabric that looks cheap.”

“UCLA always have my favourite leos. Not only do they have my favourite colour scheme but their leos always seem somehow more creative than others.”

“Leotards should be either sleeveless or with long sleeves. Anything between that looks so ugly.”

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“Utah’s “Mountains” leo is probably my favorite collegiate leo ever. SO pretty!!”