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“2021 is when 2012 gets flipped around. In ‘12 Vika missed AA gold, Sui Lu missed BB gold, Russia fell apart in TF and Maroney fell in VT EF. In ’21, Listy will win AA gold, Tingting will win BB gold, Russia will win TF gold and Maroney will have an overall fantastic year.”

广州日报全媒体记者 廖艺 摄

Coach Wang Qunce and Xu Jinglei have taken their training team to 

Guangzhou to train for three weeks over the Spring Festival. It is in southern China where temperatures are milder (60-70

ºF.) The team includes Liu Tingting, Chen Yile, Ou Yushan, Li Shijia, and Guan Chenchen (and I would assume Yin Sisi, since it says there are six team members there but then only lists five. Yin Sisi is also in Wang’s group.)

The article says they trained through the New Year and did not take a day off. Chen Yile and Liu Tingting’s parents both were able to come for a brief visit, since they live in the area.  

Chen Yile says she thinks the experience of competing in two World Championships will help her not be as nervous. Her goal is to return to her 2017 form and compete for a spot on the Tokyo team. She wants to improve every event, and specifically wants to up her BB difficulty. 

Liu Tingting says winter training is going well for her. She has been waiting for four years and is very eager to prove herself at the Olympics (Tingting originally made the Rio team, but injured her hand and was replaced with alternate Tan Jiaxin.) She thinks her problems at 2019 Worlds were mental and wants to overcome that with more training. She says she won’t change much this year, but wants to improve her BB score and upgrade vault to DTY. 

“I really hope that Liu Tingting’s Worlds won’t prevent her from being on the Tokyo team…”

“I hope that Tingting gets her DTY back and try for an AA medal. And more importantly, gets a bar routine that she is comfortable with”

“If Tingting falls on beam at the Tokyo Qualifications I will cry”

“I love how the whole gymternet really loves 1) kj kindler 2) chuso 3)mckayla maroney 4)larisa 5)aliya 6)kyla ross 7)brooklyn 8)suni and 9)liu tingting”



Liu Tingting scores 14.433 to win the silver medal in the balance beam final at the 2019 World Championships, congratulations!

Liu Tingting had two wobbles, but did great on the rest of her routine to put up a solid score. It was not enough to defend her world title, but she should be proud of her silver medal!

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“I feel like Tim dagget ginxes everything. When liu was on bars and he goes “now watch this right here this is amazing” as soon as he said that I had a feeling she was gonna fall. It’s like every time he says something like that more often than not the gymnast falls”

“Watching Tingting on UB was so sad :(”

“If tingting doesn’t medal in beam or basically get gold, I am afraid but certain that’s the last we’ll see of her internationally 😬 wish her the best”