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“Gymnastics got boring after London 2012, especially men’s high bar. No one can ever compete with Epke Zonderland’s gold medal winning routine.”

“Rebecca Tunney’s reaction to the insanely loud cheering for Team GB in London is still one of the most adorable things in gymnastics!”

“I wish Grishina had peaked in London, she would’ve been in contention for individual medals and she was so beautiful to watch!”

“Raise your hand if you’re upset about Aly’s BB bronze at London 2012. Homegirl was robbed of her rightful gold for her beautiful routine. Absolutely pissed at the judges and their anti-American bias.”

“2012 London > 2008 Beijing > 2016 Rio > 2004 Athens > 2000 Sydney. 2000 Sydney was an absolute horror shit show for VT”

“I feel like London was the last interesting competition. Everything after that has been blah.”

“Aly was robbed of the 2012 BB gold at London.”

“I still feel bad for Aly Raisman from the 2012 Olympics, because not only did she “steal” Jordyn’s AA spot, but she also tied for 3rd but didn’t even get the medal. I can’t imagine how hard all of that would be to process on such a public stage while still having to remain mentally focused for finals.”

“Can I take you all back to perfection, aka Vika’s floor in the 2012 all around final? She had all this pressure to make up for her vault error, and she was last, and knew what score she needed. And DAMN WAS THAT ROUTINE FLAWLESS!!!!! (and yes, I still think she deserved silver for walking off the podium on vault)”

“I know everyone is probably still sad Komova hit her foot on the bar and I kinda am but also I’m not because it means Beth Tweddle probably wouldn’t have gotten a medal and I NEEDED her to get one, even if it wasn’t the colour I preferred”