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I know it’s way too early to try to predict the winners, but I’m just so anxious and excited about who will make Tokyo 2020 via the apparatus route! 

VT will most likely go to Oksana Chusovitina, Jade Carey, Rebeca Andrade or Alexa Moreno, and I wish all 4 of them could win!

UB is probably the most unpredictable. After just 2 world cups, 

Lyu Jiaqi is in front but she is up against Fan Yilin, Nina Derwael, Daria Spridonova, Kim Bui and so many other bars queens!

BB is currently being led by Zhao Shiting and Rebeca Andrade but there are so many women who can fight for this spot, including 

Flavia Saraiva who is in the mix. 

FX is also unpredictable. Vanessa Ferrari had an amazing performance in Melbourne and is sitting at the top of the rankings along with Flavia Saraiva. Jade Carey will be a big contender for this event but no one can be counted out just yet!


Fan Yilin and Lyu Jiaqi at the 2018 Cottbus World Cup (Day 1), from piibunina’s Weibo!




A really clean bar routine

I’m a stan do we know much about her??

She is born in 2000. She used to be a standout junior with a 7.0 beam routine in the old code. Then injuries. See