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“I just realised how similar ragan smith and madison kocian look”


“I just noticed that Mustafina and Kocian had the same UB routine in Rio(with small variations)”

“Why does it feel like Kyla has been in NCAA forever, but Madison only finished her freshman year?? How are they both going to be seniors next year?”

“Is it just me or do Rachel Baumann and Maddie Kocian look quite similar?”

“After being plagued by injuries and recoveries throughout her elite and college careers, all I want is for Madison Kocian to have an amazing, injury-free senior season. No one deserves it more than her. She seems so humble and positive and she’s had to overcome so much. I want all of her dreams to come true. Maddie is all kinds of talented.”

“I’ve noticed that maddie kocian has started to straddle up to her handstands which she didn’t do in her elite days or her 2017 NCAA season and it’s made her bars 10x cleaner and she’s hitting more handstands – almost a shame she didn’t do them like that before”

“I made a confession a while back saying that I didn’t understand the hate for Maddie Kocian and that she wasn’t my favorite bar worker but I didn’t hate her… I actually freaking love Madison and I think she’s amazing.”


madison kocian hits sekai wright in the face post beam routine. and you all though maddie was nice? smh

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