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“Men’s gymnastics should just be VT, FX, high bar and P bars. “

“Verniaiev deserves a lot more stans than he has.”

“Deng Shudi can freaking get it. His gymnastics are incredibly elegant and stunning and so is himself. Sigh…”

“Yul Moldauer is so enjoyable to watch because he’s very clean, precise, and smooth. Maybe not the highest difficulty, but some of the best execution.”

“I want a miracle to happen and have David Belyavskiy, Sam Mikulak, and Nile Wilson 1-2-3 AA in Tokyo! (I know it won’t, but a girl can dream!)”

“If Nile Wilson doesn’t make it to Tokyo I’m going to cry :(”

“I wish more men did the Liukin on high bar!”

“I wish I had even a sliver of the self-confidence, awareness, and overall mental strength of Sam Mikulak. He’s faced so many heartbreaks throughout his career but he still keeps going strong and putting his best forward!”

“This is by NO means implying girls are catty or whatever, but it seems to me that in the AA and event finals men seem more congratulating to the other competitors. There’s a lot more hugging, smiling, and hi-fiving.”

“Since I started watching MAG, I can’t enjoy MAG floors (no music!), nor WAG vault (no variety!).”