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@courtyard-tapir Im fairly sure this was the translation of RGF on Marian (summed up obvi, I tried myself and with some Google)

RGF informs, regarding the health situation of Marian dragulescu, that on June 11 he underwent cardiologic surgery after which he went at national institute of sports medicine, the only national body that can issue a medical certificate of participation to a national team athlete, After medical examinations, on June 25 and 26 national institute etc…examined his health status, recommended gradual resuming of physical activity (without intense physical effort and supervised by the doctor for 2 weeks) as well as another cardiologic control a month after surgery, and suggested he send them the results of this check up. On 13 July he showed up at the re-control and sent results to the institute on July 16. “corroborating results from investigations at the institute, results that the athlete brought, and with european recommendations about participation of athletes in competition, we consider the athlete can start easy training, strictly supervised by doctors and growing gradually in intensity and workload. If there are no incidents in training, 3 months after surgery, the athlete will have to go again to his doctor to check up and with this check up’s result, show up at institute to be cleared for competing.“this is what RGF states that Institute told them on July 17 after the institute experts gathered.They add ’‘fact that dragulescu wishes to compete under his own signature (?) does not exonerate RGF from answering. RGF cannot violate regulations and enroll athlete with heart condition without permission from Institute. RGF and national Olympic committee, in the best interest for him to recover, have paid for surgery, costs of investigation, ecc. Regardless of efforts from RGF its evident dragulescu is always looking to fault RGF. He has continued to act and make statements that affect RGF image despite the fact he’s part of its executive committee, knows RGF decisions and the regulations governing sport activity. He has violated discipline code several times. However the federation wished to have open communication with dragulescu and is open to offering clarifications on this matter

So he just got clearance for light training like a week ago? After having heart surgery? And he thinks he is ready to compete at Euros? Bitch please

Not even a week ago, like 3 DAYS AGO

Wtf lol and he thinks this is some massive injustice against him




beamscoring: viktoriakomova: angelina-romano…





I’m was on a hiatus for few weeks and all of a sudden gfc has so many idiotic confessions….

“looks really gay”

Fellas Is It Gay To Do Flips

if anything men’s floor is 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 gay 👏🏻 enough 👏🏻





わかめ Wakame on Twitter

わかめ Wakame on Twitter:

The MAG team for Asian Games has been revised due to a scoring error and Ryohei Kato has been replaced by Tomomasa Hasegawa. 

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I know it’s officially July and Pride Month is over but I thought I’d post this 🏳️‍🌈

The other day I was wondering if he had come out publicly lol

Throwback to the time him and one of his female friends posted about supposedly being engaged and people were freaking out even though it was obviously a joke lmao

Omg I thought that was real and was super confused as to why she never deleted the pic LMAO I feel dumb now

But yeah, he never made an official coming out post to my knowledge but just started posting pics with his boyfriend within the past few weeks using pride/boyfriend tags

its okat its officially #twentygayteen so this is relevant every month, all year, all the time!

happy for paul!!


Hidetaka Miyachi’s high bar from All Japan App…

Hidetaka Miyachi’s high bar from All Japan Apparatus Finals. One of his best routines. He caught his releases very smoothly here.

Yusuke Tanaka’s beautiful p bars from All Japa…

Yusuke Tanaka’s beautiful p bars from All Japan Apparatus Finals

もみじ on Twitter

もみじ on Twitter:

Kohei caught all of his releases, but then slipped off the bar on a giant… So he didn’t qualify to the high bar final and we won’t see the Bretschneider 🙁