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“My new years resolution is for Mai to kill it at the Olympics. This might not make sense but neither did leaving her off the worlds team.”

“If Mai had made team Japan at this years worlds, there’s a chance Italy wouldn’t have made it into the top 8 after qualifications. I mean the rules Japan follows are still silly, but I’m glad Italy was able to come back in such a big way and get Bronze.”

“Mai in Tokyo is going to stir up the AA final bc she’s another great contender that wasn’t at worlds but will be in Tokyo so just add one more person to the list of Simone, Tang, Gelya, Suni, MDJDS, Ellie, and anybody else I’m missing but the list is already long enough and there are only 3 medals :/”

“2018 : Mai gets floor bronze, Gelya gets 4th, people think that Gelya deserves bronze 2019 : Gelya gets bronze, Flavia gets 4th, people think that Flavia deserves bronze 2020 : Flavia gets bronze, someone get 4th, …… The pattern goes on……”

“Melanie is going to be the Mai of the 2021-2024 quad, I can feel it!”

“Those not in worlds that I would like to see in Tokyo: Kenzo, aliya, fan yilin, morgan, Mai”

“Mai is not going to Tokyo? What happened?”

“Honestly, if Mai doesn’t win at least 2 medals with the Olympics in her home country I’m going to cry”

“I love how gymnastics is expanding. In the 2012 all around final, 8 of the top 9 gymnasts were from the big four countries (USA, Russia, China, Romania). In the 2018 world all around final, the top 8 gymnasts were from 7 different countries.”

“In the 2017 world all around final, right after they announced Ragans injury, Tim kept saying, “Oh its so sad, she was the top qualifier” when in reality Mai qualifyed .001 ahead. And at the 2018 American Cup, during Mai’s beam, they kept talking about her falling in Montreal. Then they said, “She basically tied Ragan in qualifying.” I mean, come on. every thousandth of a point counts… Especially Nastia should know that after 2005!”