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“Mai is not going to Tokyo? What happened?”

“Honestly, if Mai doesn’t win at least 2 medals with the Olympics in her home country I’m going to cry”

“I love how gymnastics is expanding. In the 2012 all around final, 8 of the top 9 gymnasts were from the big four countries (USA, Russia, China, Romania). In the 2018 world all around final, the top 8 gymnasts were from 7 different countries.”

“In the 2017 world all around final, right after they announced Ragans injury, Tim kept saying, “Oh its so sad, she was the top qualifier” when in reality Mai qualifyed .001 ahead. And at the 2018 American Cup, during Mai’s beam, they kept talking about her falling in Montreal. Then they said, “She basically tied Ragan in qualifying.” I mean, come on. every thousandth of a point counts… Especially Nastia should know that after 2005!”

“I know she’s not going to worlds because the Japanese selection process is ridiculous, but its really about time Mai changed her floor music.”

“Japan Gym Fed be like: Four for your top 12 in the NHK Trophy Standings. You go top 12! andnoneforMaiMurakamibye.”

“Japanese WAG has hands down the most idiotic selection procedure I have ever heard of. Seriously, what kind of moron leaves the reigning world silver AA medalist and best gymnast in the country at home when team qualification to your home olympics is on the line??? #JusticeForMai”

“Me @ Japan Gymnastics Association after hearing they’ve decided to leave Mai off the team: I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How DARE you!”

“Having news about Mai, Aliya, and Rebecca all in the same week: So I guess we all really did die in 2012 and this is purgatory, huh.”

“RE: JGF leaving Mai off the worlds selection team [and the horrible Sae incident 🙁 ]… Just when you thought you’ve found the perfect, underdog(ish), talented gymfed to root for, they go and decide to hit the stupid juice harder than Sarah Finnegan. Why is everything gym-related terrible?”