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“Me @ Japan Gymnastics Association after hearing they’ve decided to leave Mai off the team: I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How DARE you!”

“Having news about Mai, Aliya, and Rebecca all in the same week: So I guess we all really did die in 2012 and this is purgatory, huh.”

“RE: JGF leaving Mai off the worlds selection team [and the horrible Sae incident 🙁 ]… Just when you thought you’ve found the perfect, underdog(ish), talented gymfed to root for, they go and decide to hit the stupid juice harder than Sarah Finnegan. Why is everything gym-related terrible?”

“Everyone has some sort of international friendship pairing that they stan, but TBH the truest, best, and most wholesome has to be Ellie Black and Mai Murakami. Their hugs at 2017 worlds were literal best friend goals.”

“Sorry, literally everyone else. Ellie and Mai have the cutest friendship in gymnastics.”

“I love Mai Murakami so much, but come on sis after two years and two world championship fx medals it’s time for a new floor routine”


Mai Murakami at the 2019 American Cup

Thank you so much to miotsukushi51 on twitter for the translation of Kenzo’s ig video of Mai’s floor! Kenzo said that it took him a month to prepare for Mai’s routine and that the best thing about it was making people happy! Kenzo is sunshine!!!!

Kenzo Shirai doing Mai Murakami’s Field of Fusion floor routine


Kenzo and Mai’s low floor choreography


Omg Kohei commented that he will be finished with a copy of Simone’s floor on Kenzo’s video of him doing Mai’s floor!!!

Correction: Kohei asked Kenzo to do Simone’s floor next time!