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G/F easily have the best and most complex one foot step sequence of the season and I broke it down 


LBO-Rocker (LBO to LFO) CW/LFO to LFI Change of Edge CW/LFI-Counter (LFI to LBI) CCW/LBI-Three Turn (LBI to LFO) CCW/LFO-Bracket (LFO to LBI) CW/LBI to LBO Change of Edge CW/LBO to LBI Change of Edge CCW/LBI-Three Turn (LBI to LFO) CCW/LFO-Double Twizzle CCW


RFO-Rocker (RFO to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge CW/RBI-Counter (RBI to RFI) CCW/RFI-Three Turn (RFI to RBO) CCW/RFI-Bracket (RFI to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge CW/RBI to RBO Change of Edge CCW/RBO-Three Turn (RBO to RFI) CCW/RFI-Double Twizzle CCW 

*difficult turns bolded