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“Would’ve loved to see McKayla Maroney do a cheng…. would’ve loved to see her in Rio too. Her gymnastics was so unique and beautiful.”

“I love how the whole gymternet really loves 1) kj kindler 2) chuso 3)mckayla maroney 4)larisa 5)aliya 6)kyla ross 7)brooklyn 8)suni and 9)liu tingting”

“VT queen: maroney FX queen: Simone BB queen: deng lin lin UB queen: aliya”

Admin: Re-posting with the correct athletes. I need to stop rushing. I’m very sorry for another mistake.

“VT queen: maroney FX queen: Simone BB queen: deng lin lin UB queen: aliya”

“Goats of FX: aly, Simone Goats of VT: maroney and Cheng fei, simona amanar Goats of BB: catalina, deng linlin, shawn Goats of UB: aliya, vika, he kexin”

“Honestly my ultimate dream would be for Maroney to begin training again and come back in 2024 and win vault gold. Her fall in 2012 still haunts me and after everything she has been through in life and sport, I just want her to win an Olympic gold on vault.”

“Anyone from any country from any era, who would you pick for a 5 person team? I pick Aliya Mustafina, Shawn Johnson, Mckayla Maroney, Komova and Ponor. Artistry and power all there in the team. AA: Aliya Mustafina, Komova, Shawn Johnson UB: Mustafina, Komova BB: Ponor, Komova, Shawn FX: Ponor, Shawn, Mustafina VT: Maroney, Shawn, Komova (when her 21/2 yurchenko was stable)”

“Is it just me or Silviana and McKayla look alike ? Even their gymnastics!”

“Whose Amanar is better-Biles or Maroney? I feel like Maroney’s height is straight up insane but her landings could be really uncontrolled at times, so I feel like Biles is better overall”

“I scrolled threw the hashtags here and it seems like the gymnast number 1, where the whole gymternet has the same (positive) opinion in many ways, is McKayla Maroney and this facilitaded and pleased me.”