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It’s about M/C’s OfSt, can you gif the three turn bw the bracket and rocker plz? I can’t recognize it. Thank you so much !!!!!


Here you go. It is a LFI-Three Turn (LFI to LBO) CW. They enter on left forward inside edges curving clockwise, turn clockwise, and exit on left back outside edges curving clockwise.

Extremely rare one foot step sequence from McNamara/Carpenter: LFI-Counter (LFI to LBI) CCW/LBI-Bracket (LBI to LFO) CW/LFO to LFI Change of Edge CW/LFI-Three Turn (LFI to LBO) CW/LBO-Rocker (LBO to LFO) CW/LFO-Three Turn (LFO to LBI) CCW/LBI-Double Twizzle CCW