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“Melanie dos 2021 World AA champion!”

“Melanie dos Santos potenial skills: Amanar, Moors, Silivas and Chuso in same routine.”

“I really like MDJDS but I’m afraid that she can’t hit when it matters. I hope Stuttgart was just a fluke and not a new pattern :-(”

“I love how Melnikova and MDJDS have been going back and forth as the best European AA. Unfortunate that the European Championships don’t have an AA Final next year. It would’ve been really exciting to watch.”

“MDJDS is the complete package gymnast- beautiful lines, elegant, artistic, but also powerful. I want her to make it on the podium so bad at the Olympics!”

“2021 AA Worlds Podium: Sunisa Melanie Flavia”

“AA 2020 Podium: Simone Angelina Melanie”

“I just need Melanie, Flavia, and the Downie sisters to medal at the Olympics”

“I feel almost as bad for that really hype French section in the crowd as I do for Melanie herself I wanted her to get a bronze somewhere so bad. 🙁 I know her day is coming and it’ll be awesome when it happens”

“This worlds was going so well until Melanie got nothing and Flavia was robbed on floor”