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Miyachi, Bretschneider, Cassina + Kolman 


Japan’s MAG team for Worlds

Omg video of Wataru’s Blanik ½!!!


We love and support you Diego!!!

Omg piked double front ½ p-bars dismount from Artur 


Kohei video with English subs about him being Longines Ambassador of Elegance. Lol Kohei is so next level winning Longines Prize for Elegance three times in a row and then becoming officially sponsored by Longines as Ambassador of Elegance when he went pro. 

All gymnastics fans must watch this. Yusuke Saito’s gymnastics technique song/video of a song he made using MAG named skills and also video demonstrations of him doing a bunch of the insane skills!

Claudio Marcant on Twitter:

Yo Gymternet!
“elesvoltaram” (they came back) are BRA gymnasts from the 80s, aiming to compete at BRA Nationals in 2019.
Please help me spread the word, follow them on IG and tell everyone!
This is Guilherme Saggese, Seoul 1988: (he’s around 50 y.o. now!)

Kenzo snapped once he got away from Taishan!