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Liu Yang in training one week out from the 2019 Cottbus World Cup.

Already holding two first place finishes on Still Rings in the Individual World Cup circuit, Liu Yang is hoping a third win at this event will solidify his spot as an individual athlete to the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer. 

Some of the Chinese MAG team working in summer training. 

Xiao Ruoteng, Zhang Chenglong, You Hao, Liu Yang, Zou Jingyuan

Miyachi, Bretschneider, Cassina + Kolman 


Xiao Ruoteng joins “ Visa之队“ (Team Visa) 

Visa is sponsoring him along with four other athletes across a variety of sports through the 2020 Games.

Japan’s MAG team for Worlds

Omg video of Wataru’s Blanik ½!!!


We love and support you Diego!!!

Omg piked double front ½ p-bars dismount from Artur 

Ma Yue competes at the 2019 American Cup. 

3rd AA: 


5th FX: 13.300  –  3rd PH: 14.033 

1st SR: 14.333  –  2nd VT:


4th PB: 14.333  –  2nd HB: 13.900