Category: Morgan Hurd

“I honestly think Morgan has a good chance of making the Olympic team – after 2019 she’ll have more motivation than others to push herself to be her absolute best.”

“It still breaks my heart to think that Morgan believes she didn’t deserve the 2017 AA gold. She is the rightful winner. She beat everyone. Ellie, Elena, Mai, everyone. If Ragan was healthy & won people would be saying she only won bc Simone wasn’t there. Well Morgan WAS there & she was the deserving winner.”

“Kayla DiCello, Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Morgan Hurd would be an awesome 2020 team”

“My 2020 wish: an entirely PoC US team. Come on, with Simone, Kara, Morgan, Leanne, Sunisa, Jordan and Trinity you have your pick!”

“My dream Olympic team would be Simone and Morgan with Jordan and Shilese making it as dark horses, and then Jade and Sunisa for the individual spots.”

“If the US Olympic team was decided by the gymternet, I think it would be Simone, Suni, Riley & Morgan. And I’m 100% on board with that.”

“I wonder if Kara or Morgan would have done as well as they have if they stayed in China and got on the Chinese team”

“People need to stop saying that Morgan isn’t making it to Tokyo. If Tom Forester wasn’t a complete moron who chose to go by the all around standings, she would clearly have been on the team based on her bars routine (read some balance beam situation posts from September that will say the same thing)!”

“I was just thinking how interesting the back stories of many American gymnasts are: Nastia moved from russia at age 2, starting out with no money, kara and morgan were adopted from china, gabby overcoming financial troubles and moving away from home, Simone was put in foster care and adopted by grandparents. And they all became world/ olympic champions. Just imagine if Morgan hadn’t been adopted, or Nastia stayed in Russia. We wouldn’t have seen their amazing gymnastics”

“After watching All Around, I don’t think I can stand it if Morgan, Gelya, or Chen Yile don’t make the Olympics”