Category: Morgan Hurd

“Dream US Olympic team : Sunisimone, Morgrace, Rileanne, Jadeaker”

“I’m really excited to see Riley and Morgan compete at Florida. I wish they were in the same class though.”

“I trust Morgi to make right choice for her regarding when she enrolls at Florida (or if she ultimately decides to go pro)”

“Everyone seems so excited that Morgi is deferring NCAAs until 2022 to compete in ‘01 world’s. And good for her for doing what she wants. But I have to say, I don’t understand why. Why would she defer her Freshman year in college until she’s 21? So much can happen in that time and I’d hate to see her lose a scholarship opportunity and the opportunity to compete for a college team without the elite pressure.”

“I would love it if Jordan Chiles made the Olympic team. Talk about a major glow up if that happened. Now I’m hoping for Simone, Sunisa, Morgan, and Jordan for the 4-person team.”

“I hope The All Around trio can all make the Olympic team”

“It’s pretty crazy to think that Morgan went from being World AA Champion to not even being on the US team 2 years later”

“If somebody had come up to me in January of 2019 and said, “MyKayla Skinner will make the worlds team over Morgan AND Riley,” I would have said, “You have obviously never watched gymnastics in your life, because Morgan and Riley are the second and third best all arounders in the USA."”

“My USA Olympic team prediction: Simone, Suni, Morgan/Grace and Jade. All good AAer’s with strong worlds experience. I think if Morgan shows her 2017/2018 performances over these next 9 months she’ll be in, and if Grace shows a solid Amanar she’ll be in (if both do it could be interesting), and if neither do that spot will be open for one of the upcoming seniors, maybe Kara, possibly Riley if she recovers well. (It will probably be something completely different but it’s fun to make predictions).”

“just because suni slayed stuttgart and morgi had a rough year doesn’t mean suni has replaced morgi. there is and SHOULD be room for both of them on the 4-person team because they are talented beyond belief”