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Aleah Finnegan’s Silivas and Double Arabian + Stag Jump

Yuzuru Hanyu + Program Opening Stances 

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (RUS) scores 153.89 in the free skate at the 2019 World Team Trophy

Polina Tsurskaya announced her retirement from figure skating (💔), but I will always remember her incredible performance at the 2017 NHK Trophy! Good luck to Polya in her studies! ❤️ (she is studying international economics and said that she has always loved studying more than skating)

Kaori Sakamoto’s LFO-Arabesque Spiral CCW/LFO to LFI Change of Edge CW/RFI-Three Turn (RFI to RBO) CCW/RBO-Three Turn (RBO to RFI) CCW/RFI-Three Turn (RFI to RBO) CCW/Triple Loop in her short program at the 2019 World Championships 

Scott Moir’s RFI-Counter (RFI to RBI) CW/Chasse (RBI to LBO) CW/LBO-Open Mohawk (LBO to RFO) CW/RFO-Swing Choctaw (RFO to LBI) CCW/LBI-Three Turn (LBI to LFO) CCW/Lunge/LFO-Three Turn (LFO to LBI) CCW/Chasse (LBI to RBO) CCW/RBO CCW in the 2017 Grand Prix Final Free Dance

*difficult steps/turns bolded

Figure Skating + Spirals:

  • Michelle Kwan- Counter-Clockwise Right Forward Inside to Clockwise Right Forward Outside Arabesque Spiral
  • Mao Asada- Clockwise Left Forward Inside Cross-Grab Biellmann Spiral to Counter-Clockwise Left Forward Outside Kerrigan Spiral 
  • Shawn Sawyer- Counter-Clockwise Left Forward Outside Arabesque Spiral to Counter-Clockwise LFO-Three Turn (LFO to LBI)
  • Shizuka Arakawa- Counter-Clockwise Right Forward Inside Y-Spiral to Clockwise Right Forward Outside Y-Spiral to Unassisted Y-Spiral position
  • Adelina Sotnikova- Counter-Clockwise Right Back Outside Catch-Foot Spiral to Fan Spiral on a Straight Knee 
  • Adelina Sotnikova- Counter-Clockwise Right Back Outside Charlotte Spiral 
  • Jason Brown- Clockwise Right Forward Outside Y-Spiral to Kerrigan Spiral
  • Yulia Lipnitskaya- Counter-Clockwise Left Forward Outside Spiral Variation to Arabesque Spiral 
  • Evgenia Medvedeva- Counter-Clockwise Right Forward Inside Skid I-Spiral (RFI to RBO)
  • Shawn Sawyer- Clockwise Right Forward Outside I-Spiral to Cross-Grab I-Spiral 

2019 World Team Trophy + Ladies Four-Triple Jump Short Programs 

Sui Wenjing/Han Cong (CHN) break the pairs free skate world record with a score of 155.6 to win their 2nd World title

Favorite Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Step Sequences (Part 9/?): “Farrucas” Non-Touching Midline Step Sequence in the Original Dance at the 2010 Olympics

RFO-Rocker (RFO to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge/RBI-Counter (RBI to RFI) CCW/RFI-Bracket (RFI to RBO) CW/RBO to RBI Change of Edge/RBI-Double Twizzle CW/LFO-Swing Closed Mohawk (LFO to RBO)/RFO-Rocker (RFO to RBO) CW/Cross Roll (RBO to LBO)/LBO-Double Twizzle CW/LFI-Choctaw (LFI to RBO) CW/RBO-Choctaw (RBO to LFI) CCW/LFI-Counter (LFI to LBI) CCW/RFO-Bracket (RFO to RBI) CCW/RFI-Counter (RFI to RBI) CW